Tashkin Rhythms

Tashkin Rhythms is the collaboration of dancer Aslahan and drummer Mike.


The correct Turkish spelling is:

In the English alphabet it is most often spelled "tashkin" because that is how it's pronounced. Tashkin means exuberant, overflowing, boisterous.

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"One of the most important things to me is that the dancer looks like she is having a good time. If a dancer makes kewpie-doll faces at the audience, or schools her face to reflect the 'seriousness of her art,' I may still admire her technique. But a dancer who smiles, grins, even throws her head back and laughs, will win my heart."

"There's something about drumming that moves me. I feel it deep inside, and it comes out all the time. I drum on my steering wheel, on my keyboard, on counter tops, on my wife, on myself, on tables, on pretty much everything."